#hope + #strongertogether
2 avenues for members of St Andrew’s Cathedral to bring encouragement
to one another in our church, as well as to all others, during these difficult times.

shared stories of hope to encourage us on in the Lord

Inspiring snippets of stories, poems, and experiences on hope and compassion in a time of suffering, accompanied by Bible verse/s and a short prayer.

Guide for writers
Format:  Word Document of 600-800 words, 12pt, double spacing between lines.
Writer’s identity:  Name, Service Time, photo (JPEG)
Submit-by date:  As soon as possible (Latest before Friday of each week)

Read the stories that have been shared here

words of hope and encouragement to emerge strong in the Lord

Shared videos of members -  the young and the old, single or in families or connect groups (made possible by video-conferencing).

These video clips enables members to introduce themselves and to share words of encouragement.

Guide for video-filming
Length of video clip: A maximum of 1 minute
Identity: State name and Service time
Home environment: Ensure sufficient lighting and absence of background noise
Submit-by-date: 10am on each Friday before the Sunday following.


All submissions should be sent by email to media@cathedral.org.sg

Terms and Conditions
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