Venue: Walkway outside the Cathedral Cafe

Phillip A. Towndrow adressing the many guests at the opening ceremony of the War & Hope mini-exhibition.

76 years ago on 15 February 1942, Britain surrendered Singapore to the Japanese. While many were not prepared for the suffering and deprivations during the Japanese Occupation, this was also a remarkable time when various organizations worked together to bring vital relief to many, and build positive foundations for the future. St Andrew’s Cathedral was no exception.

This mini-exhibition remembers and celebrates the leadership and sacrifices of our Cathedral war heroes. Our Brothers- and Sisters-in-Christ obeyed Christ in the face of disaster and almost impossible conditions. They worshipped together like never before, showed compassion to their oppressors and truly loved one another for God’s glory and honour.

We warmly welcome you to stop by and visit this mini-exhibition to discover more about our history during the war years.

Venue: Walkway outdside the Cathedral Cafe