Part of the Faith and Life TrackModule 3: What Is The Role Of The Church In Secular Society?
SAC, Classroom A
Tuesdays 7:15pm - 9:15pm
(8, 15, 22, 29 October 2019)
Facilitator: Ms Jenni Ho-Huan and Ms Jillian Lee

Module 3: What Is The Role Of The Church In Secular Society?
Secular culture tells us, “keep your faith private,” or “religious beliefs are irrelevant in the public square.” Yet Scripture tells us that we are to be salt of the earth and light of the world. Moreover, if Christ came to reconcile to himself all things, this false dichotomy between sacred and secular, private and public, should not exist. What are we to do as Christians? How are we to live?

Join us for this exciting Re-Source module, as we think critically and Christianly about some of our most deep-seated assumptions about the role of the government, our role as Christian citizens and the role of the church in shaping culture.

Note: this class involves a flipped learning method, where participants are required to read selected articles prior to each session. Class time takes the form of facilitated discussions that allow participants to clarify their understanding and interact more deeply and personally with the material.

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The RE-SOURCE Series
This series seeks to equip the layperson to think about issues of life from a Biblical perspective and over time, develop a Christian worldview for all of life. Each module comprises 4 weekly sessions, and explores the integration of our faith with a variety of topics such as the sciences, the arts, economics, education and culture. The goal? That in whatever we think, say and do, our lives reflect the glory of God and the beauty of the Gospel. 

Participants are expected to read selected articles prior to each class. Facilitated discussions on the readings form the core methodology of this series, and class size is deliberately kept small. This allows participants to ask questions, wrestle with the answers and enjoy the benefits of thinking and learning in community.  

Course fees: $20 per module 

Note: Registration closes 1 week before the start of each Module.

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