The Parenting Children Course (Alpha)

POSTPONED until further notice.

What is The Parenting Children Course (Alpha) about?
The Parenting Children Course offers parents and caregivers of young children, as well as parents-to-be, fresh insights and time-tested values on parenting. It covers topics such as:

  • Building strong foundations
  • Meeting our children’s needs
  • Setting boundaries
  • Teaching healthy relationships

Who is The Parenting Children Course (Alpha) for?
This course is for parents or caregivers of children up to 10 years, or prospective parents.

How does it work?
The course is made up of five weekly sessions. Each session consists of a video talk and small group discussions. You will also have to complete a homework section before the next session.

How much is it?
$50 per person

How do I register?
POSTPONED until further notice.


For enquiries:
Email us at

When is the closing date for registration?
To be confirmed