The disciples had just returned from a mission trip. They had not gone ‘overseas’ but they were sent by Jesus to take the good news of the Kingdom of God into the ‘fields of harvest’ of their own locality. Then when they returned Luke records for us a number of examples of how the Master Teacher taught his disciples some key faith and discipleship principles. As we follow on from the Celebration of Hope Harvest, may we too be taught by the Master and be better disciples, whether we have just started to follow him or have followed him for many years.

Jun 30 Teacher What Must I Do? Luke 10:25-37
Jul 7 Choose What is Best Luke 10:38-42
Jul 14 Lord, Teach Us to Pray Luke 11:1-13
Jul 21 Stand in God’s Strength Luke 11:14-23
Jul 28 Live in Light and Purity Luke 11:33-40
Aug 4 Beware of Religion Luke 11:42-54
Aug 11 Stay Faithful and Loyal Luke 12:1-12
Aug 18 Invest in Kingdom Treasure Luke 12:13-21
Aug 25 Be Secure in the Father’s Love Luke 12:22-34