Sermon Series at the Saturday 4.30pm, Sunday 9am and Eleven:30 Services

This Sermon Series based on the Gospel according to Luke, will be shared at the Cathedral’s 3 Contemporary Services (Saturday 4.30pm, Sunday 9am and Eleven:30), from June to August 2019.
It aims to help its listeners to be certain about the truths of Jesus Christ. The sermons will also be helpful for introducing seekers and new believers to the person of Jesus Christ.


stepped into our shoes, Lk 1-3 | Ds Bessie Lee
overcame the tempter, Lk 3-4 | Revd Hambali Leonardi
gave Himself for us, Lk 4-5 | Ds Bessie Lee; Miss Crystal Hong
taught us how to live, Lk 6-7 | Ds Bessie Lee; Revd Freddy Lim
heals and restores, Lk 8 | Revd Hambali Leonardi
is God's Messiah, Lk 9-10 | Miss Veronica Wong
taught us how to pray, Lk 11-13 | Revd Calvin Wee
gave us a tough call, Lk 14-15 | Ds Bessie Lee; Revd Joshua Raj; Revd Hambali Leonardi
calls us to live differently from the world, Lk 16-18
| Revd Hambali Leonardi; Mr Kenneth Ernest
saves and transforms, Lk 19-22 | Revd Calvin Wee
died and rose again, Lk 23-24 | Ds Bessie Lee

The full schedule for each of the Services is available here.