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The Cathedral welcomes 2022 with new hope and joy... and a makeover! As the Nave closes this year for some much-needed repairs and restoration, join June Gwee as she takes a glimpse behind our Cathedral's historic walls and the process the walls will undergo in this one year!

The original Cathedral building we use for worship was completed almost 160 years ago.  While there is ongoing cyclical repainting and yearly maintenance and repair, the last major restoration works at Cathedral were carried out in the 1990s, to replace the roof. All buildings require regular repairs and maintenance, this is no different with all our places of worship.

In 2019, the AGM approved a major restoration of the Cathedral Nave, covering the plaster and painting of the external and internal walls of the main building and transepts, various repairs and electrical works.  Since then, over $5,000,000 has been raised for the restoration.  In June 2021, Cathedral appointed the contractor to undertake the works which started in January 2022 and will take at least 12 months.


Address by the Vicar, Vicar’s Warden, People’s Warden
and Honorary Secretary
Address by Priest-in-charge, SACM



This Project aims to repair and restore various parts of the Cathedral’s historic building that have succumbed to environmental wear and tear. The Restoration Works will involve re-plastering and re-painting of interior and exterior walls, timber carpentry, stone works, metal works, electrical works, plumbing and roof works. Its cost of $6million will be paid out from the Cathedral Heritage Fund (CHF) set up to fund this Project as well as future heritage and building works.


The CHF as of 1 Dec 2021:
From English Congregation: $1.2m
From Mandarin Congregation: $1.2m
Grant from Preservation of
Sites & Monuments Board: $0.98m

Donations pledged/received
from SAC members/friends: $2.63m

Cheques – Pay to “St Andrew’s Cathedral”. Write “Heritage Fund” on the reverse side and include your name and mailing address.


Online transfer
Account Name: St Andrew's Cathedral
Account Number: DBS Autosave 033-019550-8
PayNow: Heritage Fund  UEN - T08CC4055LHF1

Please email nave_restoration@cathedral.org.sg if you have any questions about this project.