Men2Men Talk Online
Speaker: Dr Clive Lim
Saturday 30 Jan 2021
10am - 12pm via Zoom

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Vocation & Calling
There has been much confusion about the term work versus career/occupation, and vocation versus calling. Is there a hierarchy of work with church work being more important than secular work? Are Christians working in the marketplace resigned to be lesser Christians than those who worked full time in the church? So what happens when both these workers retired? Os Guinness, author, and social critic wrote that "there is one who created you to be who you are and calls you to be who he alone knows you can be." During this talk, I will emphasize the largest understanding of calling or vocation: the invitation of God to live and work wholeheartedly and fruitfully before Him.

About the Speaker
Dr Clive Lim, serves on the board of TeleChoice International Ltd. (Singapore). He was the founder and first president of TeleChoice. He is also the managing director of Leap International, a family investment firm (Singapore). 

Prior to being an entrepreneur, he worked in Fuji Xerox and Motorola Electronic in Asia. He is the Visiting Associate Professor of Marketplace Theology at Regent College (Vancouver) and sessional lecturer at Biblical Graduate School of Theology (BGST).