Every last Sunday of the month
1.30pm at Prayer Halls

During this pandemic, we hope that this monthly service may provide an opportunity for the children who are attending our online children’s programme to be back in church to participate in the service together with their family members.

It is our joy to invite you and your children to our 'Holy Communion Service for Families with Children' on 27 Feb 1.30pm at the Prayer Halls (B1). This will be a 1-hour service with the following segments:
  • Welcome
  • Opening Prayer
  • Praise Songs
  • Bible Reading
  • Short Exhortation
  • Response Song
  • Intercession
  • Holy Communion
  • Closing Song

We hope that this service could provide an opportunity for you and your children to be back in the church not only to worship God together with others but also to serve at the service in big and small ways. As this service is targeted specifically for families with children who have not been able to join us at our main services onsite, please take note of the following before making your booking for this service:

  • Service is opened to children who attend the Children Ministry i.e. Shalom Friends, CTIYKids, FaithKids 1 & 2 and their family members.
  • Each child must be accompanied by at least one parent/ guardian throughout the service.
  • All attendees must be fully vaccinated except for children aged 12yrs and below.
  • Booking must be made through the church’s website.

We are looking forward to seeing you and your family and worshipping the Lord together at this service. God bless you!

For more information, please contact the Sunday School superintendents or email nextgen@cathedral.org.sg