Term 1: 12 July to 13 September 2019
Module 2A: The Pentateuch I
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Term 1: 12 July - 13 September 2019
(No class on 9 August 2019 – National Day)

Fridays, 12.30pm - 2.00pm @ B1 Prayer Halls

The following module is being offered: 

  • Module 2A: The Pentateuch I
    Genesis, Exodus
    Instructors: Ds June Tan, Ps Grace Tan, Ms Vivien Chen.

This Biblical Studies Programme enables participants to systematically study, book by book, all 66 books of the Bible.

  • Instruction is aimed at bringing Bible literacy to the participants, to help them know the contents of the Bible and to apply God’s Word to life.
  • Each module comprises an average of 18 lessons for OT studies and 15 lessons for NT studies.
  • Classes are conducted on Fridays, 12.30pm - 2.00pm (1 hour of instruction & an optional 30 min of group discussion). There are no classes in June and December.
  • Participants may choose their modules in any order.
  • The book studies will continue into 2021.  

Participation is offered at 3 levels:
(1)    Certificate of Participation - This requires a minimum of 70% attendance of classes.
(2)    Certificate of Biblical Studies (individual modules) - This will be issued on passing a written examination conducted after each module.
(3)    Certificate of Biblical Studies (Completion of 10 modules) - This will be issued on passing ten written examinations.

Course fees:
$10 per module (inclusive of study materials);
$5 for written examination (examinations are in November).
Payment in cash is payable by the 1st lesson of each module.

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