Join us as we celebrate Christmas with a host of events and Services through the month of December.

December 2018

Dec 16 Lessons & Carols
I 7.30pm I Nave
Dec 21-22 Christmas@Cathedral
Dec 22 Christmas Outreach
I 4.30pm I CNS & Amphitheatre
Bring Someone Home for Christmas
Dec 23 Christmas Celebration and Brunch
I 9am I CNS & Amphitheatre
True News, Fake News, Good News
Dec 23 Christmas Celebration
|11.30am | Prayer Halls
What A Star
Dec 24 Midnight Eucharist (with Holy Communion)
I 10.30pm I Nave
Dec 25 Christmas Day Service (with Holy Communion)
| 8am & 11.15am | Nave
Dec 25 Christmas Day Family Service (no Holy Communion)
| 9.30am | CNS
Dec 31 New Year's Eve Covenant Service (with Holy Communion)
| 10pm | CNS

January 2019

Jan 1 New Year's Day Service (with Holy Communion)
| 9am | Nave