7.30 – 9.30pm, Fridays
4, 11 and 18 January 2019

Prayer Halls, St Andrew’s Cathedral

In the Bible, Andrew was a fisherman and a disciple of Christ who brought his brother, Simon, to Jesus Christ (John 1). Like Andrew, today every believer, regardless of his personality and the number of years as a believer, can be an Andrew to point someone to Jesus Christ.  Each can play a part in the harvest of souls in Singapore as we look forward to the evangelistic rally, CELEBRATION OF HOPE, 17-19 May 2019.

The ”Be an Andrew” course aims to equip Christians to share with others the message of God’s saving work in Christ.   In 3 hands-on sessions with Ds Bessie Lee, Revd Hambali Leonardi and Revd Joshua Raj, participants will learn:

  1. about the common barriers to the Christian faith and the resources available for handling objections.
  2. to pray with the use of scripture, for people:
    - who hold steadfastly to certain beliefs and misconceptions of the Christian faith;
    - with negative experiences of Christians;
    - who have promised to observe rituals for their departed loved ones.
  3. to share the gospel using the FOUR and BRIDGE methods
  4. to craft their testimonies: the dos and don'ts of sharing their life stories
  5. to initiate a follow-up session with a new believer and to nurture him or her in the faith (with the use of the New Life Kit and the Andrew Initiative Evangelism Training Handbook)


Admission is free.

To register, please visit tinyurl.com/BeAnAndrew